The Barred Wyandotte

The Standard for Barred Wyandottes

Male and female plumage: equal width black with a beetle green sheen and white bars, clear cut and horizontal, carried to the skin and finished with a black tip. It is important that there is a sharpness in the barring and that there should be an overall flow making a distinct pattern over the body.

Undercolour: barred to the skin with as many bars as possible.
Any black or white feathers in wings or body is a disqualification

Colour defects: Irregular and broken barring, V- shaped barring with the exception of the neck and saddle hackles of the male due to the natural shape of the barbs. Brassiness in any part of the plumage.

barred pul

Barred Wyandotte Bantam female

Serious defects in all colours

Any feathers on shanks or toes. Permanent white or yellow in ear-lobe covering more than one third of its surface. Comb other than rose, or falling over to one side, or so large as to obstruct the sight. Shanks other than yellow, except in mature birds, which may shade to light straw. Any deformity.


Barred Wyandotte Large Fowl male

Barred groupLF
Barred Lf female

Barred Wyandotte
Large Fowl females

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