The Wyandotte Breed Club

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The Wyandotte Club

also holds Regional shows at -


The Poultry Club of Great Britain National Show-

in November at Telford


and the


National Federation of Poultry Clubs Show -

in December at Stafford.

The Wyandotte Club caters for all the colour varieties of Wyandottes but especially those that do not have their own club......


The Wyandotte Club's club show, and also the AGM, are held each January at the Northern Poultry Club Show,

The Club Show

Wyandotte Standard

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The Beautiful Wyandotte

is produced in more colours than almost all other breeds.

The first variety of the Wyandotte family was the Silver Laced, originated in America in 1883. The other colours followed as 'sports' (the White) or by crossing with other breeds to introduce new colours and patterns. The most recent new colour is the Chocolate- standardised in bantams in 2012.


It is classified as 'Soft Feather, Heavy breed' and is a docile, easy to keep breed that is also a good layer of tinted eggs.


The breed is very popular amongst both exhibitors and as beautiful productive back garden layers.